Part Six: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings


This post is part of series which discusses the nature and truth about Djinns (Jinnat), the supernatural beings. ‘Djinns (Jinnat), is a broader category. Part one should be studied to know about the possible types of Djinns.

In previous posts we discussed that in order to understand ‘Djinns’, we need to understand three terms. These terms have been explained in Part One & Two. Part Three discussed the dwellings of the Djinns. Part Four discussed the Food of the Djinns. Part Five discussed the social structure and general things.

Part One: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings

Part Two: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings

Part Three: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings

Part Four: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings

Part Five: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings

Reptilian Aliens


These are neither reptilian nor aliens. Popular culture especially conspiracy theorists have given them the name ‘Reptilian Aliens’.

‘Reptilian Aliens’ are fourth dimensional ‘two layered soul’ Djinns.

The original name of their ‘type/species’ sounds like ‘Yosh’ (stress on ‘sh’). Their telepathic language contains many hissing sounds. Longer syllables with lot of ‘Shhh’ ‘sh’. In order to hide their snake like voice, they talk/telepath/communicate, slowly in whispers or in low voice.

‘Reptilian Aliens’ are the strongest and dominant types of Djinns.

When they appear in their original form, they are 6 to 8 feet tall. Their leader which has a horn is whitish in color and is closer to 12 feet tall. Their leader is an immortal. His immortality, being granted to him-on special request made by him- by the ‘Master of the Universe’.

‘Reptilian Aliens’ is the major group which rebelled against the ‘Master of the Universe’, when they came to know that their title of ‘Crown of Creation’ has been passed on to ape like sentient beings known as ‘Humans’ or more specifically ‘Ad’m’. Their leader argued with the ‘Master of the Universe’ and was cursed accordingly.

Other ‘Djinns’, want to live their own life, however, ‘Reptilian Aliens’, have only one purpose. They want to deceive, lead astray, de-energize and destroy the human beings.

‘Reptilian Aliens’ have an utter disdain and contempt for the sons and daughters of ‘Ad’m’. They cannot hide this feeling even when they feign a friendship.

Reptilian Aliens were not the original inhabitants of the planet ‘Earth’. They were ordered by their leader to colonize this planet a long time ago.

‘Reptilian Aliens’, live inside the ‘Earth’. Interesting thing is that what we normally call ‘Hot Springs’ having medicinal healing effects are in fact their waste and are connected with their ‘sewerage system’.

‘Reptilian Aliens’, employ a specific kind of ‘Biological robots’, known as ‘Grey Aliens’. ‘Reptilian Aliens’, love to attach ‘auric hooks’ with humans to harvest/collect their energy. They like to suck energy from an infant human child. Most of the boys and girls who leave their home, end up in being ‘food’ to the ‘Reptilians’.

Reptilian Aliens are masters of deception and lies. They are experts in ‘telepathy’ and whispering in such a style that Human thinks that the voice in his head was basically his own inspiration.

To be Continued…

Part Seven: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings


34 thoughts on “Part Six: Djinns, the truth about supernatural beings

  1. I’ve always wondered about telepathy. An old love would call me and say moti (fatty) put down that apple – while I was just about to take a bite. (I write apple here but we both know we’re talking donuts)

    Wish you a wonderful Saturday.

    Madhawi & Mr. Tookles

    Liked by 1 person

      • ah.. hahah yes pearl too I guess 😉 but he hated me being fat. Ah yes.. Tookles told me to look behind you 😉 I’m very interested in telepathy.. also in the way twins communicate and how mom’s always seem to know their child is up to no good. You think dijns can guide us too?


      • Yup. Djinns, are friendly too. You reminded me that I have to write about this too. Not all negativity about them.

        I know some cases when Djinns had crushes (the real one, not the energy sucking experience) for humans.

        But this kind of love is doomed to failure. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • I think if they feed on energy they can fall in love with energy too. Like how humans like energy similar or the complete opposite of their own. Sadly yes it’s doomed.. but if it’s love it’s not doomed.. it’s just there for the moment and the hope though nothing can be still something beautiful grows out of it. Like loving a flower and hoping it blooms in the presence of your care and love.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Nah.
        When they fall in love, they don’t feed on energy. They are honest when they feel love.
        Doomed in a sense that they will not let that person to have any other stable relationship. The Djinns are a jealous lot. All their embraces and caresses are limited to the semi-sleep state.

        Liked by 1 person

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