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  • • Babylonian Birth Chart Astrology


Horary Astrology

‘Horary’ is a particular branch of Astrology, used to answer specific individual queries of human interest ranging from most trivial matters to the most pressing ones, relating to any department of life.


How does Horary Astrology work?

A client (Referred to as ‘Querent’) asks a specific question. Chart erected for the time, place and date of receiving of a question by an astrologer, reveals with astounding accuracy the situational analysis and the outcome.


Difference between Horary and Birth Chart Astrology

Horary astrology answers genuine and specific questions, whereas, Birth Chart Astrology can deal with all aspects of life but only generally.




The shape of Hand and lines found on the palm seem to a layman as a secret script-wanting to be deciphered-indicating an unalterable future map. Modern Palmistry able to interpret and foresee

  • Inherent Possibilities
  • • Potentials
  • • Psychological Profile
  • • Imprints left by past events &
  • • Future trends and possibilities


Babylonian Birth Chart Astrology

One’s life encompasses different spheres of activities such as;

Ø Finances

Ø Marriage/Love relationships

Ø Family (Parents)

Ø Jobs

Ø Business


In a given year, we may have luck in finances but disaster in personal relationships. Babylonian Birth Chart Astrology foresees in advance coming good or bad periods relating to certain departments of life. An intelligent person plans accordingly and tries to minimize his losses and maximize his profits.


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